Our Inaugural RAID endurance event is already shaping up to be a classic. A group of amateur riders will be attempting to set a new world record (pending approval from Guinness World Records)

The route will be via the Dover/Calais ferry terminus, taking riders through the Garden of England, into Northern France towards Saint-Omer and Lillers, where the group will turn towards Amiens, a popular stop for many a rider, through Beauvais and on to Paris.  Time for a quick stop, get those gears indexed, and back again following the same route as return.

Setting a fast paced ‘Record’ will be dependant on so many things; luck with ferry crossings, solid and efficient group riding, well prepared and trained riders, a top-notch team of The RAID’s support riders, drivers and mechanics, plus medical and physio support.  The experience within the group is second to none, most are veterans of multiple 24hr endurance challenges so the concept is not alien to them.  However, 24hrs and 300 miles is one thing, to double up at the same pace is a different prospect.

This is not only about the body and the organisation.  It will be about the mind.  Each and every rider with no exception will face the point where they will simply want to stop, unclip, have a hot chocolate and a nap.  All cyclists know about a certain set of ‘Rules’.  This record attempt will not be about Rule 5, but will define it.

The good news for any of you thinking that this challenge sounds totally crazy yet exciting, and that you’d love to take part………you can!  There are still limited spaces available on this RAID, open to applicants via our email info@theraid.cc.

There are not commitments for fundraising, although several riders have set up their own fundraising pages for great causes close to them as personal choice.

Good luck to the riders, the support staff, and everyone else involved in making this happen – an Iconic Cycling Challenge!